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Closings and Escrow

Our escrow agents oversee the closing process, explain all documents and disperse funds.

Refinance and Construction Loans

From land acquisition to the completion and sale of a project, we provide the expertise you need for the planning, development and public record process.

Residential Real Estate Services

Our mission is to ensure that every closing is as smooth, efficient and stress-free as possible. Coastal Land Title offers more than 60 years of experience in real estate law, residential title insurance industry and real estate sales and marketing. Our team are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, with backgrounds in law, real estate, escrow, and the title insurance industry.

Selling or Buying Property?

Coastal Land Title focuses on providing superior residential and commercial real estate closing services. You will enjoy working with our experienced staff who understand how important each transaction is to everyone involved.

Title Services

Title Searches

A title search or title examination is the real estate record search process that attempts to identify legal interests to a parcel of land. The most important reason to conduct a title search is first to identify the legal owners of the subject property. The secondary objective is to identify matters that will continue to affect the property after closing, such as restrictive covenants, rights of way, easements, and boundary line agreements, among others. Finally, the title examination attempts to identify liens, which much be satisfied at or before closing, as well as encumbrances or defects that must also be addressed.

Residential Title Insurance

Even though a thorough title search is performed, the Title Insurance Policy protects against hidden defects which do not show up on the title search. Lender’s Title Insurance only protects the lender, and is almost always required by the lending company, whether the transaction is the original purchase of the property or a subsequent refinance. The purchase of the policy is part of customary closing costs. Owner’s Title Insurance protects the owner. This policy should be issued when the property is purchased. The Owner must decide to buy the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy – it is not an automatic part of the loan closing process.

Commercial Title Insurance

Commercial real estate transactions typically involve far more complicated titles, even though a commercial property title insurance policy covers many of the same issues as residential property title insurance. There may be exceptions specific to the property itself such as easements and rights of way issues, or zoning, building or environmental violations from previous owners. That’s why commercial transactions often involve a property survey and/or the business’s attorney or legal counsel reviewing the title commitment prior to closing. Such steps and review often result in commercial property owners electing to extend the coverage.

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